Terms and conditions for legal services


The following terms and conditions apply to legal services provided by Advokatbyrå Prima AB (“The Firm”) and/or attorneys associated with the Firm (“Attorney”). 

1. Retainer
The Firm generally requests a retainer payment be made at the outset of the engagement. Where a retainer is not so requested at the outset, the Firm reserves the right to request a retainer for legal services to be provided during an ongoing engagement. 

2. Compensation
The Firm charges reasonable fees for legal services provided in accordance with the ethical guidelines established by the Swedish Law Association. Calculating fees to be charged is based to a large extent on the amount of time expended in the matter. The Firm charges for each 15-minute period commenced.

In addition to legal fees, the Firm charges for its out-of-pocket expenses. The Firm reserves the right to request the client advance payment for larger out-of-pocket expenses. The Firm reserves the right to charge for telephone, postage, and courier charges. 

3. Invoices
The Firm invoices on a monthly basis. Invoices are due and payable 10 days after invoicing. If insurance applies, invoicing is generally done biannually, regardless of whether the insurance company is willing to make payment on account. Penalty interest calculated in accordance with Sweden’s Act on Penalty Interest (Sw räntelagen) is charged on late payments. 

4. Limitation of Liability
Advising on tax matters is excluded from the scope of this engagement and neither the Firm nor Attorney is responsible for tax consequences that may arise for the client due to this assignment. The Firm and/or Attorney are liable for damages caused by the wrongfully or careless provision of legal services. Liability is limited to a maximum amount of ten million Swedish kronor. Neither the Firm nor Attorney is liable to indemnify client for claims made by third parties. The Firm’s and Attorney’s engagement encompasses legal services solely regarding Swedish law. 

5. Choice of Law and Forum 
This engagement is governed by Swedish law, without reference to Sweden’s choice of law principles. 
Disputes arising out of this engagement shall be resolved exclusively by the district court in Borås, Sweden. The client submits to the jurisdiction of the district court of Borås, Sweden for disputes between the Firm and/or Attorney and the client. The Firm and/or Attorney, however, are permitted to commence litigation in other jurisdictions for collection of fees owed to the Firm and/or Attorney. 

6. The Swedish Bar Association's Consumer Dispute Resolution Panel 
The Consumer Dispute Resolution Panel reviews disputes concerning legal fees and other disputes between consumers and lawyers or law firms. The Consumer Dispute Resolution Panel's address is:

Sveriges advokatsamfund
Box 27321
102 54 Stockholm