Barney Fyman, Partner

E-mail: barney.fyman@primalaw.se       Phone: +46 (0)70-229 98 09

Jenny Eliasson, Associate

E-mail: jenny.eliasson@primalaw.se       Phone: +46 (0)70-732 74 97

Attorney Barney Fyman has more than 25 years’ experience of Swedish and international commercial law, including practice at several of Sweden’s and USA’s most prominent law firms. He has studied law and received legal degrees from law schools in the USA and Sweden and has also written ”Introduction to American Commercial Law (Norstedts Juridik 2008). Mr Fyman is also adjunct lecturer at the University College of Borås, where he teaches commercial law. He is a member of Sweden's Bar Association and also admitted to the Bar of New York, Second Department. Attorney registration number 2049930. 

Barney Fyman works extensively in the areas of share and asset acquisitions, company law, director liability, real estate law, construction law as well as sales and employment law. In addition, he serves as public defender and immigration law cases. 

Jenny Eliasson earned her legal degree at the University in Gothenburg and her practice consists primarily of family law and inheritance law. Ms Eliasson's practice also includes litigation, primarily concerning real estate and construction law as well as sales and contract law. Jenny Eliasson also serves as court-appointed lawyer for victims in criminal cases.

Johannes Dunberg, Trainee

E-mail: johannes.dunberg@primalaw.se   Phone: +46 (0)73-752 05 61